Help is arriving. By boat, by pedi-cab, by hand.

By Erin Manfredi, Communications Manager, ICM

In the midst of the devastation that was left behind by Typhoon Haiyan, the resilience and strength of people in the Philippines is on display. The streets are busy with rebuilding efforts: power line teams are restoring broken power lines, men are rebuilding roofs and using pedi-cabs to transport building materials, and bulldozers are being used to clear rubble. Sari-sari stores are open for business. Children are walking to school.

Despite these inspiring scenes of individuals picking themselves up, there are many families and communities across the Philippines in desperate need of help.

ICM’s network of partner pastors and staff are found heroically assessing and addressing the needs of the most traumatized communities. Many families across the Philippines are stranded with no access to food. ICM’s staff and partner pastors are working hard to bring help and hope to these communities.


ICM staff brings boxes filled with Manna Packs, each pack enough to feed six people, and water jugs. We also bring aid packs which are filled with hygiene and medicinal products.

The following tracks the journey of one of ICM’s partner pastors, Pastor Sam, as he travels up the coast of Iloilo to bring much needed relief and encouragement to his fellow pastors and their communities.

The ICM team joined forces with Jinny Gurea from Redeeming the Nations Foundation, a local organization, on Sunday, November 17th to bring aid to the northern islands of Iloilo. Sitio Punting Island was the first stop for ICM staff to drop food. The team was told that the shore used to be lined with houses but there was nothing left. The typhoon completely ravaged this island, destroying all of the homes. An 80-year-old survivor told ICM that he had never experienced anything like Typhoon Haiyan. Fortunately, the storm did not claim any lives on this island. The people were so happy and thankful to receive food. Because the island is not easy to reach, only one other boat with a kilo of rice and some noodles had been delivered.


On Tuesday, November 19th, Pastor Sam and ICM staff organized a food and water convoy that would meet the specific needs of communities along the coast of Iloilo. This was achieved through coordinated efforts with ICM partner pastors living in these communities. These pastors compiled a list of all the individuals within their congregation and the immediate needs of each family.  Pastor Sam’s team was then able to bring the appropriate amount of food packs, aid packs, and water jugs. A total of 496 boxes of food, 203 aid packs, and 88 water jugs were delivered throughout the course of the 9 food drops, reaching 1,126 families in desperate need.

Help is still very much needed. Join us help more people in their desperate times – www.caremin.com/our-work/disaster-fund  .

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