Family Academy in Uganda starts now!

Educating preschool-aged children at home is a cost efficient and scalable way to help kids get the start they need on their educational journey. So over the next 12 months, 1,800 children will jumpstart their journey to excelling in school in Uganda, setting them on a trajectory to a brighter future.


ICM developed our Family Academy program in the Philippines over the past eight years. Now it has finally made its way to Uganda! Our extensive research shows improvements for children across the board in math and literacy thanks to this program. Educating children in Uganda is one way that ICM’s impact is growing in the country since ICM’s expansion to Uganda in 2020.


In Family Academy, ICM-trained coaches hold lessons with mums or dads at home with their children. Teaching the parents to be their children’s first teachers, they provide materials, coaching and encouragement that learning at home can be effective and a precious time between family.

Helping Parents Overcome Illiteracy

Many ICM parents did not finish high school. Some did not even make it through elementary school. So these parents can feel ill-equipped to teach their children their “ABCs and 123s”. But with a few months guidance from a volunteer coach, they see that they do in fact possess the skills to teach their children. Many parents are amazed at their children’s progress!


“I am certain that Family Academy will be successful in our community. The parents I talked to are very happy and can’t wait for the program to start. We are going to fight illiteracy here! Thank you.” Gladys, Family Academy Coach


60 coaches received their training in March

A scalable, effective solution

Family Academy will run in 60 communities in the coming year, educating at least 1,800 children. Thank you to everyone who has supported Family Academy, from an idea, to a pilot, to concrete evidence, to 10,000 children in the Philippines, to launching in Uganda! The ICM team looks forward to sharing the impact of educating children in Uganda from this launch.


At just $50 per child Family Academy is more cost efficient than similar programs and just as impactful. Today, your donation of $50 can change a child’s educational future! To donate to Family Academy, please visit caremin.com/give


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