Empty Lot Transformed into Productive Garden

Ireneo Polison Jr. lives with his wife and three kids in a wooden house surrounded by coconut trees. Although he has suffered for years from rheumatoid arthritis, it did not stop him from working hard for his family as a part-time tailor, earning approximately Php500 (US$11.64) per week.

Determined to earn more income, Ireneo accepted an invitation to join the Transform Program through a local church in Bohol.  In the program, Ireneo gained additional knowledge about how to develop a productive organic vegetable garden planting vegetables such as bokchoi, eggplant and squash.

In about two months, his empty lot was converted into a productive garden and Ireneo is now reaping the fruits of his labor!  Instead of canned goods, Ireneo’s family now eats fresh vegetables everyday and he has notices improvements in his own physical condition.  Ireneo is planning to expand his garden in order to plant more vegetables, sell the harvest to the community, and earn extra income for their family.

One response to “Empty Lot Transformed into Productive Garden”

  1. What would happen if 10,000 people will do this? But it must start from a small beginning. And there will always be a need for good models. Ireneo has become a useful model. God bless Ireneo!

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