Turning Life Around

Joan proudly shows her business

Before the program, her life was mired in poverty, shame, and jealousy.

To support her family, she works as hired help that includes cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Afraid to lose these opportunities, she’d head out immediately, which caused suspicion and jealousy on her husband Leonardo.

In one of his jealous rants, Leonardo caused a scene in front of the barangay captain’s house where Joan worked. Out of fear and shame, she took off and sought refuge in the church of Pastora Rhodora, an ICM partner pastor.

“It was my first time in a church, ” Joan said.

At that time, Ptra Rhodora was looking for Transform participants. She invited Joan, and even offered to talk to her husband about it.

After talk and a visit in the weekly sessions, Leonardo gave his approval.

In Transform Joan found new friends that expanded her network for work opportunities. “They even recommend me to their own friends, and they even become my friends too,” she proudly shared.

Moreover, Joan overcame her shyness in meeting people. She usually kept to herself, and always stayed home, wary of meeting people. “Other people said that I am a witch because I hardly ever leave the house.” Now, she goes out and meets people, and confidently speaks out her mind.

She learned a livelihood that enabled her to provide. Before she always felt sorry for herself, as she was unable to provide for her children. “I was ashamed. I have no work, no money, and nothing to give.” Now, she weaves sturdy door mats made of discarded cotton clothes. She earns P120 per week, and combined with her income as an on-call house help, now she can provide for her children’s needs, especially for their school work.

Now, Joan can provide for her children

Her greatest blessing from Transform is that she and her husband now live a life dedicated to the Lord. Their relationship has never been better. They can talk about their problems peacefully, without resulting in shouting and fighting.

They even teamed up in building the church in their community. Leonardo helps in carpentry, while Joan cleans up and prepares food for the builders. “I am already serving Him,” she proudly declared. On Sundays, they go to church as a family.

Joan and Leonardo team up to help build their church

With a lot of good things that happened through Transform, Joan is grateful, especially to the people who support ICM and Transform.

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