Teacher finds joy serving the ultra-poor

Because of the pandemic, distance learning has been the norm for all the students in the Philippines. While this has kept children safe from the COVID-19 virus, parents had to bear most of the responsibility for their kid’s education. To help ultra-poor families, ICM has partnered with the Department of Education for our Family Academy (FA) coaches to mentor parents to facilitate their children’s education. 

Knowing how dedicated our Family Academy coaches are to our communities, it is not surprising to hear of them walking long distances to reach the poorest families being served by ICM.

One of these coaches is Evezil, a licensed preschool teacher who left her profession and answered the call to serve in our Bacolod base. While teaching in school is equally honorable, there had always been a nagging burden in Evezil’s heart to be a community volunteer.

“When I started to volunteer, I really felt the joy that I was longing for. Even though I walk 2 to 3 kilometers every day, I am very satisfied with what I am doing. I handle five of the poorest families in our community. I teach the children every week, and I can say that the children have already adjusted to me. They are very willing to learn, and the parents are supportive of their children. Being a volunteer in our community gives me so much joy,” said Evezil.

Evezil left the teaching profession to serve the ultra-poor as a Family Academy coach
Bringing hope to the poorest of the poor

Even before COVID-19 hit, Evezil already saw the everyday challenges faced by the ultra-poor. She wants to bring hope to the poorest of the families as an FA coach. 

“I always cherish every moment that I have with families,” Evezil shares. “It gives me so much joy that I could help them. I am thankful to the parents who always welcome me into their homes and let me teach their children.”             


As schools shifted to distance learning in the Philippines during the pandemic, parents had to take extra measures to educate their children. But many of them don’t have the resources and training to do this. Volunteers like Evezil offer much-needed support to both parents and children.

“As a coach, I really try my best to help the family as much as I can. I teach the parents the lessons so they can teach their children. There are also times that I help the children answer their assignments.” 

Being an FA coach is hard but rewarding. Let us continue supporting our FA coaches who bring hope to the ultra-poor!

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