Seeing Hope

In the era of contact lenses and eye surgeries, eye problems may seem like a thing of the past, but for those living in ultra-poverty, vision issues can be an insurmountable challenge.

Loreto, a 51-year-old farmer in Dipolog, is the primary breadwinner for his family. He works hard to not only provide for his family’s basic financial needs but also prioritizes his children’s education by paying their school fees. One of his children is currently in college and the other has recently graduated.

Eye-surgery for a breadwinner in Dipolog

For three years, cataracts had been slowly growing over Loreto’s eyes, clouding out his world. He feared that one day he wouldn’t be able to work at all. His neighbors told him he could never afford surgery, and even if he did, he might never recover.

Thankfully, our local medical worker heard about his case and stepped in. She walked Loreto through the long process of filling out paperwork and visiting doctors. Although many COVID-19 lockdowns slowed their progress, Loreto finally got surgery for his worsening right eye in August! The doctor recommended that he focus on recovery and come back in a year to operate on the left eye.

Farmer receives eye-surgery through ICM medical mercy fund

With the eyesight back in his right eye and the hope of another operation, Loreto and his family’s worries have been lifted.

“I just want to extend our thanks to the donors for their support of my husband’s operation,” said Rosalia, Loreto’s wife. “Thank God for using ICM to help us even during the pandemic.”

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