Hatching Sustainable Hope

Nabutay Transform Farmers Association (NATRANFA) is a savings group based in Dumaguete that is a part of our Prevail network. They were established in 2015 and currently have 25 members that all graduated from Transform.

Though they were commited to saving their money and developing their entrepreneural ideas, things didn’t always go smoothly. At first, they started a business selling detergent powder but they encountered difficulties with the product supply. After that, they focused on loaning out portions of their collective savings exclusively to their members with an interest of 5%. At the same time, Pastor Wenmar helped them register with DOLE (the Department of Labor and Employment) in September of 2016.

They applied for a grant and received approval on November 15, 2018 which allowed them to “hatch” their poultry business. With the grant, they were able to acquire an egg machine, 208 hens, 10 sacks of feed, and other helpful materials. They collect an average of eight trays per day and the price of the egg is dependent on the size.

The group earned a net income of PHP3,846 (US$75) in their first month, but by March their net income had grown to PHP6,161 (US$119). They’ve been so successful that they have been able to deposit PHP18,000 (US$348) into their bank account as their savings!

Although the group had different conflicts and struggles along the way, they continue to encourage each other. “We will continue and not give up! NATRANFA has been a great help for all of us,” exclaimed Paulina, a member of NATRANFA.

Written by Brian Palomar

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