Family Festival: A Day of Information and Celebration

On March 23, we welcomed ICM family and friends to a fun-filled day at our first ever Family Festival! Family Festival was planned with two purposes in mind. We wanted to give our donors more information about Family Academy but we also wanted it to be a day where we could celebrate all the work that’s already being done. We prepared an assortment of different booths and activities that were great for families to experience together, and everyone had a fun and educational experience.


Some booths were focused primarily on Family Academy while other booths highlighted different aspects of Filipino culture. At one booth, children and their parents were able to experience FA’s use of simple games to teach numbers and phonics. At another booth, they were able to learn some basic Tagalog vocabulary and phrases. We even had a station where families were able to play some local Filipino games that children play growing up in our communities.


Families also got to get a glimpse of some of ICM’s other programs like Business-in-a-Box, offered through Transform. The children and parents worked together to make puto cheese which is a Filipino snack that is commonly eaten.

For many, the highlight of the day was seeing members of the ICM Children’s Choir perform. It was very inspiring to see and hear how ICM has tangibly changed the trajectory of their lives.


We look forward to the further impact that can be brought about as we continue to partner with our donors to support Family Academy!

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