Weaving a New Future

Evelinda often felt frustrated and helpless as a housewife. Her husband, Nicolas, earned about PHP4,800(US$89) per month from his seasonal carpentry job. While the amount could be enough for a while, they also could have no income for long periods of time.

All of this changed when Transform came to Evelinda’s community. Through the program, she was introduced to fabric weaving. She learned how to make potholders and door mats, and she began selling them in the neighborhood. Through this new skill, Evelinda now earns PHP600 (US$11) weekly!

Apart from helping her husband provide for the family, Evelinda also began helping him in other ways. She would always make sure that Nicolas is properly hydrated before going to work by giving him ORESOL, a hydration drink she learned to make in Transform’s health lessons. “Carpentry is a draining job and I don’t want my husband to be dehydrated after a long day.”

Evelinda knew that they live quite far from the health center, so when both of her kids were suffering from severe coughs, she boiled Lagundi leaves and made them drink the juice. Not only did she learn home remedies for mild illnesses like coughs, but she was empowered to better take care of her kids by learning the signs of illnesses that required professional medical attention.

Evelinda is proof that you earn what you learn. Through her hard work attending the Transform lessons and applying what she learned, her family’s income, health and relationships have all improved.

“Thank you for taking the time to equip us in our community!”

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