Thank you for #TheGiftofOpportunities

This past Christmas, ICM set an ambitious goal to change the lives of 12 patients that were enrolled in our Medical Mercy Program. All of these patients were children awaiting life-changing surgeries that would correct their club foot condition. This condition limited the opportunities that were available to these children as it hindered their movement and engagement with other children their age. Therefore, we embarked upon a journey to give each of them the #TheGiftofOpportunities.

The surgeries that they needed ranged from US$1,000 to US$2,000, depending on the severity of their condition. Our total goal was to raise approximately US$20,000. We are pleased to announce that we raised approximately US$15,700, which is 80% of our goal.
Meet Rhea Mae!  She is one of the children that received our gift this past Christmas. Her family was thankful to hear that her life would be changed forever. Click the video below to see! We are thankful for all of our partners and the effort that went into providing all of these children with #TheGiftofOpportunities, a gift that is truly priceless. 

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