All Stella Wants for Christmas

Black boots are not on every twelve-year-old girl’s wish list, but then again not every twelve-year-old girl wants to be a policewoman! Stella lives in a mountainous region of the Philippines. Her parents noticed that Stella had trouble walking as a baby and was always falling over. Her neighbors told her parents that their little girl had a problem called clubfoot.

As she grew up, it became harder and harder for Stella to get around. She could only wear flip-flops, and even those didn’t fit well. Although her school was not too far away, the walk was painful and draining. In the seventh grade, the journey became too difficult for her and she dropped out of school.

All that changed when ICM trainers told her about the Medical Mercy Program. They would help her go through the complicated process of filling out paperwork, seeing doctors, and going through surgery and therapy. Her foot could be fixed!

This Christmas, after her follow up surgery, Stella will have the opportunity to say goodbye to her flip-flops and hello to black boots! As her foot grows stronger, she’ll be able to walk to school and run around with friends. And maybe one day, she’ll be able to put on a uniform, lace up her black boots, and protect her community, just like she dreams about.


ICM’s Medical Mercy Program frees kids from life-altering conditions and gives them the chance to dream again. Give other children suffering from clubfoot the opportunity to wear any shoes they want! This Christmas season, give #TheGiftofOpportunities.

We have a goal of raising $20,000 over the holidays to change the lives of 12 children who are living with clubfoot. Each surgery costs around US$1,000 to US$2,000, so donate to our Medical Mercy Program here to bring us one step closer to our goal!

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