All Rhyne wants for Christmas…

Since Rhyne is only two, it’s hard to know what she really wants for Christmas, but sparkly shoes are a good guess for this natural entertainer. Shoes weren’t always a good gift for her, though. 

Her feet used to be so twisted that she couldn’t wear shoes at all. When she was a baby, her parents tried massaging her feet and tying them up with rags, but nothing helped. They didn’t have the money for a doctor visit, much less an expensive operation. 

When they learned from ICM that their little girl had the chance to get corrective surgery, they were overjoyed. The surgery went smoothly, and Rhyne was on the road to recovery. After removing the casts, she received her first pair of shoes: some therapy boots! 

After wearing her special boots for several months, Rhyne’s feet were finally healed! Now she loves sporting stylish pink sandals. Not only that, but she can chase after her siblings, play with other children and roam around the yard. Ever since she was a baby, Rhyne has enjoyed singing, and now she also loves dancing! 

So who knows? Maybe Rhyne will keep up the dancing and singing to become an entertainer one day! And even if she decides that shiny heels aren’t for her, at least she has the opportunity to choose any kind of shoe, and career, that she wants!

There are still other boys and girls like Rhyne who don’t yet have that choice. Living with clubfoot can affect them physically, socially, educationally, and emotionally. 

Right now we have 12 children with clubfoot who are awaiting surgeries. Each surgery costs around US$1,000 to $2,000, so our goal is to raise US$20,000 this season. Donate to our Medical Mercy Program here to help us reach our goal!

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