Stepping Up During An Emergency

A mother of a Jumpstart kindergarten student was admitted to a hospital due to complications in her pregnancy. Hinie Jean had severe oligohydramnios  (deficiency of amniotic fluid) which was endangering the development of her baby.

Although Hinie Jean was in dire need of treatment, she was referred to another hospital in General Santos City because the previous hospital didn’t have the resources to perform an emergency caesarean. Hinie Jean’s condition worsened, calling for urgent medical intervention. To make matters worse, the doctor’s discovered a further complication – the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, a life-threatening situation.

Hinie Jean and her husband desperately required financial help because the family’s income was insufficient to cover the costs of the operation, blood transfusion and ongoing medical care. Hinie Jean’s husband, earned only US$27 a month, which would not even begin to cover the cost of her medical treatment.

Hinie Jean’s son was attending a Jumpstart kindergarten. Parents of Jumpstart students are invited to attend ICM’s 16-week Values, Health and Livelihood (VHL) training program. Hinie Jean had been participating in the classes and the pastor and health care trainer noticed her absence. Knowing Hinie Jean was expecting, they inquired after her, and learned of the dangerous turn her pregnancy had taken.

ICM stepped in to provide US$440 from the Medical Mercy Fund (MMF) and supported the couple during the emergency delivery. Thankfully, Hinie Jean gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After their follow-up check-ups, both mother and son remain in good health.



In the lives of many that live on subsistent level, one medical crisis can wipe out any progress made in the fight out of poverty. ICM works with families to help them remove as many barriers to quality health care as possible. In 2014-15, ICM assisted 61 patients with surgical needs and 1,892 patients with non-surgical needs.

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