With Your Help, Lolita Starts Again

Lolita in her village.


If you visit what’s left of the village where Lolita lives, you will find her scrounging through the debris of her former garden, looking for seeds to start again.  The water that swept over her village that fateful day in November washed away her entire life—her home, garden and her small vegetable shop. She and her family are now making do in a shelter pieced together from scrap metal found after the storm. They couldn’t contain their relief when ICM showed up with food for her family of four.

“Thank you very much for what you are doing,” she said.  “I feel so very loved because you came to help us.”  The food and water allowed Lolita to focus on rebuilding rather than finding food.  She, with the help of her neighbors, has already rebuilt her canteen.  Now she’s working on replanting her garden and starting her business again.

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