Although rain from the coming typhoon was keeping the city of Bacolod wet, Roselia made her way to the ICM office anyway.  With two three month old babies in her arms, Roselia’s 13 year old son assisted her in and out of the tricycle.

Roselia is the first mother to receive ICMs new treatment package for maternal and newborn health care.  Her pregnancy was high risk because she was expecting twins; because of this she needed to deliver in a hospital and under caesarian section.  With the help of the ICM staff, she was enabled to do just that!

Part of the maternal and newborn health care pack involves identifying high risk pregnancies, assisting with getting access to necessary care, hand washing materials and the giving of baby clothes.  In Roselia’s case, it also involved receiving two baby blankets.

Marcia with Rose Jane ICM Midwife and Jane ICM Nurse, showing off some of the clothes Marcia has been making

That was the reason for her trip today, to meet the woman who had made the baby blankets, which were included in the pack ICM offered.  Roselia was so excited to meet Mrs. Marcia Turner, a 78 year old retiree from Australia, who spends her free time sewing baby clothes and blankets.  Marcia had helped Roselia and her family in such a simple but important way.  Roselia told us ‘After receiving the baby clothes, she felt very happy and it was very useful. At that time, I didn’t have any clothes for them.’

We asked Roselia what she would say to Marcia about making these clothes and she told us,  ‘Please continue to give so that other mothers can also benefit; the cost of having a caesarean section uses up all other money and they can’t afford any clothes.’

Thanks Marcia and keep sewing!

Marcia with Roselia and the twins


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