Abandoned Girls Blossom into Young Women as they Start College

Judilyn Yangco and Susan Entong grew up in some of the most challenging and heartbreaking circumstances conceivable. Judilyn, abandoned by her parents, was the breadwinner for her three siblings at the age of nine and almost died from TB. Susan’s father, drunk one night, threw a kerosene lamp which burned Susan’s face, arms and neck and left her almost unrecognisable. She received little medical care and stopped going to school.
Yet these two girls who were abandoned, sick and in need, have just graduated from high school and are about to embark on their University Education. How did they make it? These girls were rescued and taken in by ICM’s Excel House. Not just an orphanage, this ministry of ICM paid for the girls’ medical treatment, gave counseling, spiritual, emotional and physical support, housed, clothed and fed, and is giving them the chance to excel in life.
Susan has been so inspired by ICMs staff that she plans to go study social work at college, and wants to dedicate her life to helping the poor.
Judilyn will study Psychology at one of the city’s most prestigious universities.

On their own, these young women might not be alive. They almost definitely would not have discovered all their talents, passions and strengths. They are now starting their “adult life” equipped with hope, confidence and belief that they can excel on whatever path they choose to take.

On their behalf, we would like to thank each donor who has met, emailed, prayed for and financially supported Judilyn, Susan and the other kids at the Excel House. Their lives are forever changed. Thank you.
You can see more of Judilyn and Susan’s stories here. Donate now to help bring long term change to the thousands of children still in need.

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