Short Steps Premiere in Hong Kong – A Big Thank You!

 A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Short Steps Premiere on Friday! We had a great night, with people who have been involved with the choir from the beginning, to people who had never heard about the choir or ICM before. At the start of the show I had the chance to sing a new song from my upcoming album, but then the main event got underway.  For us, seeing the film played on the huge screen with BIG sound was a hugely proud moment. Even though we’ve probably seen it over 100 times, watching Short Steps
in the presence of a captivated audience of over 200 people was something totally on a different level. We have always known that people should watch this film, to experience the journeys of the kids and be both challenged and uplifted by their stories. So to have it finally materialize, after two and a half years of work was a great achievement.
Sadly, the stars of the show couldn’t be in Hong Kong for the premiere. But we wanted to make sure that they were honoured and heard people’s reactions to their film. So we brought back posters full of messages and encouragement to each child, which we’ll be passing on to them at our next practice. To everyone to wrote a message, please know
that this little action goes a long way. And for anyone who would still like to write something to the kids, you can send it to contact@shortstepsmovie.com and we will pass
it on.
Our work is not done. We believe this story needs to be heard, and we will be looking for other opportunities to screen the film – not just in Hong Kong but wherever there are
people who want to see it. Stay tuned if you missed out this time – there will be another chance.
Thanks to The Vine Church, ICM, Daughin and Priscilla Chan and all our guests for making it a wonderful evening that we will cherish. Now we are getting everything ready for the DVDs which will be released on October 17th at ICM’s banquet. Email reservations@shortstepsmovie.com to reserve your copy of the DVD, or sign up for the 2012 ICM HK Banquet.  Every great journey begins with Short Steps!
Louise Joachimowski
Choir Director

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