An Afternoon Tea Party and Trunk Show for the Benefit of the Ultra-poor

“As we go through different seasons, I felt that it would be more meaningful — and I would be so privileged, to give it to a bigger cause. I felt that even in the future designs, I would always consider channels like this to give it to the underprivileged communities,” ICM supporter and talented accessories designer Shirley Ybañez shared to us when Deanna Sutherland, with the Manila Donor Relations team, dropped by the afternoon tea party and trunk show Shirley hosted in Makati on May 31, 2022. 

The Modern East Jewelry Afternoon Tea Party and Exclusive Trunk Show was held in partnership with AyalaLand Premier for the benefit of ICM and other campus scholars that Shirley supports. 

From L-R: Manila DR Lovely Soriano, ICM Executive Director Deanna Sutherland, Shirley Ybañez, Manila DRs Weng Kakilala and Carol Roa, and artist Jo Uygongco
Jade for the new generation

For this collection, Shirley brought out designs that celebrate the infinite and timeless beauty of natural creation ranging from bold, brightly colored, statement pieces to the more dainty and more subtle accessories. Skilled artisans Shirley works with carved flowers and designs inspired by nature in jade in various hues. The color stories, a wide range of textures, and a beautiful mix of precious materials all add up to wearable works of art that are not just made for special occasions or even a specific age range.

“I’m Chinese, I try to modernize the jade for the younger generation,” Shirley explained. “You can wear these pieces even with jeans and a t-shirt.” Never ostentatious, but they make a memorable statement. 

Shirley have also donated some of her creations for the auction held in ICM’s annual Hong Kong fundraising banquet where the proceeds go to our work in bringing life transformation to families in ultra-poverty. ICM donors can bid on some of her pieces for this year’s banquet too!

Thank you for your care and support for our cause, Ms. Shirley Ybañez!


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