ICM’s 2012 HK Banquet – Join the Journey

International Care Ministries 2012 HK Banquet
October 17, 2012, HK Convention & Exhibition Center

Dear Friends,

Fifteen years ago this month, my husband and I arrived in Hong Kong. Soon we learned about a little girl in the Philippines who had TB of the bones. Her knees were huge and her calves were nonexistent, she couldn’t stand. She was skin and bones. The doctors said the only way she could survive was to amputate both of her legs. So we made a small donation to amputate her legs and save her life. A few days later the doctor showed up ready to do the amputation, but a brown out at the hospital prevented him. The next day, a different doctor said, “Wait, I think we can save her legs.” So he did a different procedure. And she got medicines and treatment and physical therapy. Today, 15 years later, she is alive, healthy, married with a child, and she has two legs.

One life that was changed. For Dave and I, that life was our introduction to International Care Ministries. And for me, her story is a actually picture of what ICM does for thousands of poor families every year — where the injustice of poverty is handicapping their tomorrows — where they are looking at futures without hope.

ICM comes alongside the poorest people and we say, “Wait. There is hope. There is another way.” And we help families learn that way. With holistic community-based education we teach them to walk again. Over the last three years we have reached nearly 250,000 people. One family at a time, ICM is bringing help, inspiring hope and creating change for the poor in the Philippines.

I am so very proud to be involved with ICM – and very proud of the work we are doing. And I want to encourage you get involved as well. The 2012 ICM HK Banquet is October 17 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Center in Wanchai. Please book a table, invite your friends, and Join the Journey.

I hope to see you there.


Deanna Sutherland

Executive Director – International Care Ministries – HK

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