Bankers and Lawyers to Go on Detention for the Poor

On May 4th, 2012, ICM will be hosting our 2nd annual HK “Detention” event.  40-50 bankers & lawyers will be pitted against each other in a Quiz Game covering a variety of topics including Philippines trivia.  The “catch” is that the losers have to “sit in detention” in front of their friends and family while a young recipient of ICM’s Scholar program gives the detainees a brief lesson about the Philippines… dunce caps may be part of the losing team’s attire as well!!  Of course this is all in good fun and for a very worthy cause! The event is targeted at raising HK$2 million, which is the amount it will cost to run ICM’s Scholar program for the coming year.  The program pays for the education of 5,000 underprivileged elementary students, providing scholarships to cover expenses otherwise prohibiting them from attending “free” public school.

If you are a banker or lawyer who wants to sit on detention for the poor, SIGN UP HERE !

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