ICM’s Research Published in Economist and New York Times!

ICM is pleased to announce that the six-month results of a large scale randomized controlled trial on ICM’s Transform program were released on February 19th as a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper. This paper was also reviewed by the Economist in the Feb 22nd print edition – read it here.

The study was also mentioned in this article in the New York Times!
We are encouraged that this study provides evidence of Transform’s impact on poverty six months after the program was completed. Significantly, household income was found to increase, as well as other poverty-related measures such as improved grit and better hygiene practices. The articles’ main focus is on the causal role of our Values training on economic outcomes.
The findings also left us with questions to explore. Results on household consumption and food security did not improve, and it is not clear where the additional income is coming from. These six-month results are just the first part of the larger study, and we are in the process of collecting the two-year results this year. The study was conducted by Economists Dean Karlan (Northwestern), James Choi (Yale) and Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics). Dean Karlan founded Innovations for Poverty Action in 2002 while he was a professor of Economics at Yale University.

It is exciting that ICM is slowly gaining insight into how our programs alleviate poverty, and while many questions remain we feel that we are making real progress.

We’re thrilled that ICM’s research team, our partnership with Dean Karlan, and many other academics, are together contributing to the global conversation on effective and efficient poverty alleviation strategies. 
Our heartfelt thanks to the ICM community across the world who have contributed in some way to allowing us to reach this milestone! Read more about ICM’s research here.

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