Box of Hope: Children Helping Children

In January, a Hong Kong based charity called Box of Hope joined us in Bacolod on a special mission: to deliver toys, school supplies and hygiene items to ICM preschool children.  All of these items were donated by schools, children’s organizations and private enterprises around Hong Kong and handed out in the Philippines by the Box of Hope Team.  The aim was to give poverty stricken children inspiration for their future.  With a name appropriate to their cause, Box of Hope has delivered over 3,000 boxes to ICM preschoolers since the start of our partnership in 2009.  The Director, Nicole Woolhouse, shares her personal experience handing out the gifts:

“Every school that we visited amazed us.  Excited children greeted us at the door and strived to impress us with what they had learned in class.  Our boxes were clutched to their chests like treasure, all the items inside lovingly cared for.  Imagine the pride they will have on their first day at Primary School when they arrive with a new pack of their very own pens.  Box of Hope will continue to support the wonderful work of ICM and hopefully reach out and touch the lives of many more children in need.”

Photos by Nicole Woolhouse, Box of Hope Director

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