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All photographs except the group photo (#2) by Mark Lehmkuhler

March 27-29, 2015 saw 2,854 children from International Care Ministries (ICM) Jumpstart Kindergarten program graduate.

The graduations, held across seven provinces, were held in formal auditoriums. Dressed in traditional graduation robes, the children sat together, with proud, beaming parents several rows behind.  Throughout the ceremony, the children displayed the knowledge they had gained over the past year with songs and recitations. Awards were given to students who had achieved excellence in various subjects.

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The goal of ICM’s donor funded Kindergartens is to prepare children for primary school. The 10 month curriculum offers an introduction to academics and provides children a daily hot lunch so they have the energy to learn and grow. The curriculum also prepares parents to encourage their child to pursue a lifetime of learning – parents are invited to participate in ICM’s Transform program, where emphasis on education is placed and new skills are taught to allow the families to increase their earnings.

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The Lehmkuhler Kindergarten in Negros Occidental was delighted to welcome a special guest to their event; for the second consecutive year, their sponsor Mark Lehmkuhler and his son Derrick made the trip from Hong Kong just to attend the graduation. Now sponsoring the school for a third year, the Lehmkuhlers have visited their school three times and are welcomed as part of the community. These photos are highlights of the three trips and two graduations the Lehmkuhers have attended.

Would you like to visit and see your community? Please send trips@caremin.com an email.


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