Growing for Good

When Pastor Noe Cordova partnered with ICM to open a Jumpstart Kindergarten in his community, he was giving 30-40 ultrapoor children the opportunity to gain an education. What he didn’t expect was how well the entire community would grasp new opportunities through the program to learn, grow and gain new skills.

ICM’s four month Transform program allowed Pastor Noe to share encouraging lessons on family values, and two ICM Trainers to teach energetic, motivating Health and Livelihood lessons. As the program progressed, others in his community began to attend and grew excited about the learning. The livelihood lessons encouraged one group to start a worm farm and use the enriched soil to build a community garden. As the participants worked together to grow vegetables for eating and selling, they shared they were not only growing food but were growing new income and new relationships creating outstanding changes in their lives.

Pastor Noe’s remarkable community is not alone in experiencing change in the Philippines. ICM staff and pastors are working hard to operate 95 schools and 855 Transform programs throughout 2014﹣2015. Transformation is happening, resulting in great impact and hope for many families and communities!

Thank you for your support in making this growth possible!

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