Joanne Walks into a Brighter Future after her Battle Against Cancer

Story by Helen Turner, ICM Co-CEO & COO
At the recent Doctors fellowship dinner in Dumaguete I was able to catch up with Joanne Dayapdapan who was one of the first special medical case patients I met when I first started working with ICM.
December 2009: Application for Special Medical Case
In 2009 Joanne was just 16 years old and had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  When her case was referred to me as part of the ICM special medical case approval process I knew her situation was serious.  ICM was able to fund and facilitate Joanne’s treatment through two rounds of chemo-therapy and by 2010 she was a new person.
April 2010: After 5th Chemotherapy Treatment
I was so pleased to hear her share her testimony at the Doctors fellowship dinner and discovered that now at 19 years old she has been able to finish high school and is now in college.  Even more than that she and her treating Doctor, Dr Shiela Marie L Flores have become firm friends, and Dr Shiela is a supportive advocate for the new life that Joanne is now able to enjoy.  Dr Shiela told me that Joanne requires a 10 year follow up plan and that she plans to be with Joanne every step of the way and even beyond.
March 2013: Doctor’s Fellowship –  Dr Shiela Marie L Flores, Joanne & Helen
During the event I met several other dedicated Doctors and other organisations, all of whom are dedicated to helping the poor access health services.  One Doctor proudly announced that he will treat for free any patient ICM refers as he knows that they are all indigent and in need of help.  Another talked about her passion for treating tuberculosis and the need to offer free, reliable services to the poor.  Thanks to all these dedicated doctors and other partners, it is through these partnerships that ICM is able to help the poor access quality medical services.  Access to free services and discounts enables ICM to make every dollar donated go further and enable ICM to reach more of those in need.


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