Will you miss what you never had?

For those of you in Hong Kong,

Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang just offered to give HK6,000 in cash to every adult HK permanent resident following a huge fiscal surplus for this financial year ending March 31.  Just in case you are wondering, let me tell you what HK6,000 can do for the poor in the Philippines:

8 marginalized families could participate in ICM’s six-month Transform program.  This program provides weekly “VHL” education classes (in values, healthcare and livelihood skills) and creates valuable social capital through a new community of support and encouragement for these families in desperate need.


24 excited ICM preschool graduates could receive school scholarships enabling them to attend public school for the first time. Every year a poor child attends school, the odds of them living their lives in poverty decreases.


375 patients could be seen at one of 5 Open Air Medical Clinics which could be made available by ICM to remote rural villages without access to medical care.  The destitute often suffer from treatable illnesses because they cannot afford or access medical treatment.


4,560 nutritious meals could be served to malnourished children in ICM’s Malnourished Children Outreach, which provides five meals a week to young children identified as suffering from severe malnutrition.

I hope that none of you are in the position where your livelihood is depending on $6,000.  We are serving thousands of people who are in that exact position. Please consider making a donation to ICM and making a life-changing difference.

Will you miss the HK6,000 you never had?  Donate HK6,000 to ICM today.

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