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Empower and Enrich

Equipped with unwavering determination and a servant heart, 47-year-old Pastor Eliseo has changed the lives of many in the district of Mangorocoro, Iloilo, through his church and the Transform program. With 13 years of experience serving as a pastor and four years as a member of ICM’s Thrive pastor network Eliseo can unquestionably testify to...
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Three Years Later

How much difference can four months really make? Transform, our core program which delivers lessons on values, health livelihood, lasts for four months. A significant number of our stories show the transformation that happens at the end of the program. Businesses started, relationships restored, health regained. But what about when the four months is over?...
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A Firm Foundation

Although Rhona’s savings group in Bacolod has only been running for two years, it has become hugely successful. The group, established during Transform, began by selling detergent powder and dishwashing liquid and then later transitioned into selling rice and fertilizer. Extending loans to its members is one of the group’s main functions, vital in a...
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