We look forward to a day when no child has to live in ultra-poverty.

Since 1992, ICM has been providing help, inspiring hope, and creating change for families living in extreme poverty in the Philippines. 

“The fact that ICM sees meaningful progress using low capital interventions can give every donor confidence that each dollar makes a measurable difference.”

— Paul Penley, Excellence in Giving Report 2017

Together, we have brought one million impoverished Filipinos transformation in every area of life.

We're Focused

ICM finds and helps the poorest families who others can’t reach.

We're Effective

Our strategies are backed by in-depth, world-class research.

We're Efficient

We deliver the highest impact for the lowest possible cost.

We reach hundreds of thousands every year through scalable partnerships with the local church.

Curious? Learn how we’re transforming children’s lives.

Gina's Transformation!

With her two-week-old infant at her side, Gina signed up for ICM’s Transform program. She knew she needed to learn to supplement the family’s income. Approximately 97% of ICM’s Transform participants are women, the majority of whom are mothers caring for their families, living in ultrapoverty. Over 16 weeks, Gina learned to triple her family’s monthly income.


Poverty is complex. It permeates every area of children’s lives – food, shelter, relationships, hygiene, education, emotions, financial stability. ICM’s holistic approach offers solutions that reach children in all of these areas.

Hope is the Key: Through our Transform program, children have hope for a brighter future. Parents are equipped to provide financial stability, nutritional meals, a healthy home environment and an educational foundation.

107% increase in income
increase in income
36% decrease in illness
decrease in illness
16% increase in family satisfaction
increase in family satisfaction
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ICM Research Team Shares Feeding Strategies at International Conference

ICM’s research on treatment strategies for feeding malnourished children living in ultrapoverty is reaching the ears of academics in the Asia Pacific region. Last month, ICM’s Director of Research, Dr Lincoln Lau, spoke at the 1st Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition (SEA-PHN) Conference in conjunction with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia’s 32nd Annual Scientific Conference.

No Mountain too High, No Valley too Low

“Almost all of the children here were crying because they didn’t have food. Some families are large and suffer from hunger,” Pastor Silin told ICM staff. She is one of our thousands of partner pastors living and working in ultra-poor communities all across the Philippines. She had been hosting a Transform program in a remote mountain community when COVID-19 struck.

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If you’re in Hong Kong or the Philippines we have great opportunities for volunteers in our offices. But wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you and get you involved.


People from all over the globe make life-changing trips to visit our work in the Philippines. Safe, fun and hands-on for families, corporate CSR groups, friends and church groups.

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Around the world, ICM ambassadors advocate for ICM in their workplaces, churches and friendship groups.