Deskguide for Primary care health workers including city health, municipal health and private clinics in the context of COVID-19


  • Apply principles of diagnosis and management to accurately identify, assess disease severity using CRB65 scores and infer appropriate actions accordingly
  • Describe and apply principles of management for mildly, moderately and severely ill COVID-19 patients
  • Apply  principles  of  nursing  care  when  collecting specimens,  educating  patients  and  communicating  with BHWs
  • Describe  standard  precautions  including  PPE  donning  and doffing to  ensure  protection  for  oneself  and  others
  • Describe  general  layout  of  the  primary  care  facility  and apply  principles  of  management  to  ensure  effective disinfection  of  the  facility

Video Training (vimeo embedded)

Google Form Quiz Link: PCW Deskguide

Training Resource Public Drive Link: 02_Primary Health Care