June 1-2, 2023

Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC

Poverty still affects billions.

Governments alone cannot solve the problem. Could faith be an important part of the solution? In 2016, ICM hosted an event at Yale to explore these issues. A lot has happened since then.

Join us in June for an updated examination of the impact of faith on poverty reduction!


David Sutherland
CEO, International Care Ministries
Former CFO, Morgan Stanley Asia

Kent Annan
Director, Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership, Wheaton College

Jamie Aten, PhD
Executive Director, Humanitarian Disaster Institute, Wheaton College

Elizabeth Babb, PhD
Senior Director of Program Quality, Lifewater International

JD Bauman
Director, Effective Altruism for Christians

Jeffrey Bloem, PhD
Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

Brian Boland
Co-founder, Delta Fund

Paul Bolte
Executive Vice President, TrustBridge Global Foundation

Celeste Brubaker
Chief Impact Officer, Village Enterprise

Gharad Bryan, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics, London School of Economics

Corey Chin
Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Plant With Purpose

Adrian Cook
Director of Research and Evaluation, The Rees-Jones Foundation

Catriona Dejean
Director of Strategy and Impact, Tearfund

Warren Dodd, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

Douglas Duenkel
President and CEO, Innovations for Gospel Impact

Brian Fikkert, PhD
President and Founder, The Chalmers Center for Economic Development

Nathanael Goldbert
Senior Director, Sector Programs, Innovations for Poverty Action

Sarah Gray
Head of Evaluation and Learning, Eido Research

Dean Karlan, PhD
Professor of Economics and Finance, Northwestern University
Founder, Innovations for Poverty Action
Chief Economist, USAID

Kathy Goss
Senior Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, Compassion International

Sarah Kabay, PhD
Education Program Director, Innovations for Poverty Action

Alan Kakinda
Senior Manager, Innovation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Compassion International

Dr. Mindy Kelly
Chief Health Officer, International Care Ministries

Anna Koons
Knowledge and Learning Manager, Dovetail Impact Foundation

Josh Kwan
President, The Gathering

Philip Langford
Chief Operating Officer, Dovetail Impact Foundation

Rachel Lehrer
Becoming One

Nicholas Lombardi
Vice President, Programs Operations, International Cooperating Ministries

Katherine Marshall
Senior Fellow, Georgetown University
Executive Director, World Faiths Development Dialogue

Steve Mayer
Program Officer, Cornerstone Trust

Liam McCormick
Executive Director and Senior Strategist, Family Advisory and Philanthropy Service Group, UBS

Philip Monroe, PhD
Director of Trauma Healing Institute, American Bible Society

Paul Neihaus, PhD
President and Co-Founder, GiveDirectly
Professor of Economics, UC San Diego

Paul Penley, PhD
Giving Advisor, Excellence in Giving

Lincoln Lau, PhD
Director of Research, International Care Ministries

Lindsey Perry, PhD
Senior Manager Monitoring & Evaluation Design, Compassion International

Adam Phllips
Executive Director, Local, Faith and Transformative Partnerships Hub, USAID

Kenneth Scheffler
Director, Innovations for Poverty Action

Sally Smith, PhD
Senior Advisor for Faith Network, World Health Organization

Alix Peterson Zwayne
CEO, Global Innovation Fund

Greg Spencer
CEO and Co-Founder, Common Good Marketplace

Sneha Stephen
Senior Research Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action

Jeff Thomas
CEO and Founder, Arkos Global Advisors

Shelley Trebesch, PhD
Managing Director, International Care Ministries

James Waters, PhD
Director of Kingdom Impact Framework

Lanre Williams-Ayedun
Senior Vice President, International Programs World Relief

Dan Williams
Vice President, Integrated Strategy and Impact, HOPE International

Kate Williams
Senior Vice President, Excellence in Giving
Former Vice President for MERL, Compassion International

Kevin Wong, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education, Pepperdine University

Michele Wymer
Partner, KyleHouse Group

Genzo Yamamoto, PhD
Director of Knowledge Management, Opportunity International

Alix Peterson Zwane
CEO, Global Innovation Fund

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Conference fee to cover facilities and food: $350