“The Thrive network of pastors does for isolated pastors what no other denomination or association is doing in the southern Philippines.”

— Paul Penley, Excellence in Giving Report 2017

Strengthening churches through world-class training and relationships

Pastors live and serve in the communities they are passionate about, and are often as poor as those they serve. Nearly 50% of pastors in the ICM Thrive Network receive a weekly offering of US$11 or less.

We support thousands of pastors every month with mentoring, accountability, bible study and prayer, as well as leadership and church management training.

Supporting Pastors

ICM has the tool how to connect to the people – not alone, but with others supporting you. Before when I conducted bible study, it was more of a monologue, but now there is more interaction and workshop style. My church used to be very small. But now the whole of the house is full!
Pastora Deomides
San Vicente, Palawan
For those who graduated bible school, it’s a refresher. For those who did not graduate, it’s a big help and challenge.The pastors are really committed to come, because ICM is a place of comfort, to open what it is in their heart, and a place of passion
Pastora Flordeliza
Glan, Sarangani

Second Day Training Project

In response to requests for deeper ministry training, the Second Day Theological Training Project was launched. ICM is partnering with six respected seminary training organizations to deliver two-year ministry training courses designed to build healthy pastors, healthy churches and healthy communities.

Antioch Institute
Asian Theological Seminary
Multiplying Communities and Churches
Development Associates International
Healthy Church Pathways
Systematic Asian Leadership Training

A diverse network

As we seek to serve our participants and pastors more effectively, our research team helps us to develop a better understanding of the thousands of pastors that make up our network.

More than 50% of pastors receive a weekly offering of US$11 or less. This includes any salary for the pastor. 69% have a congregation size of 50 people or less.

Pastor Demographics

Church Demographics

Weekly Church Offering

Church Size

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