Talented, dedicated and passionate

In Hong Kong and Manila, volunteers and interns play a vital role: highly-skilled team members bring expertise and insight, helping ICM to continue to deliver transformation.

We welcome applications in Hong Kong and Manila in any field. In particular we are always looking for volunteers with skills in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Event volunteers
  • Data Analysis
  • Writing/editing
  • Research
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising

If you’re not in Hong Kong or the Philippines, get in touch here to volunteer with us in your community.

Alex Kim Joins ICM’s Journey

“My spell in Dumaguete has been nothing short of amazing, I’ve learnt many things during my stay and the experience here has been of the once-in-a lifetime variety. I can say with a hundred-percent assurance that a piece of my heart will always be with the Philippines.  What ICM is doing in this country is noteworthy with such a small staff in comparison to the effect they have on their communities. The staff members here in Dumaguete are an outstanding group of people.”

Get Involved

Be an Ambassador

Around the world, ICM ambassadors advocate for ICM in their workplaces, churches and friendship groups.

Creative Fundraising

Donate your birthday gifts, host a dinner, climb a mountain… there are so many ways to get involved and every dollar makes a difference!


People from all over the globe make life-changing trips to visit our work in the Philippines. Safe, fun and hands-on for families, corporate CSR groups, friends and church groups.


If you’re in Hong Kong or the Philippines we have great opportunities for volunteers in our offices. But wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you and get you involved.


We are recruiting in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Our highly-skilled staff are passionate about seeing kids released from the bondages of poverty.

Pray With Us

Join us in praying for our staff, partner pastors and participants. We’re thankful for the partners we have across the globe praying regularly.