We’re only where we are today because of our ambassadors: experts in their field, passionate, generous, strategic and dedicated.

We’re looking for ambassadors to:

  • Host events
  • Connect us with your company’s CSR
  • Bring friends on trips
  • Connect us to foundations
  • Introduce us to your friends
  • Fundraise for us

We currently have ambassadors in Hong Kong, the Philippines, USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan and Singapore. Partner with us, or launch ICM’s efforts where you are!

ICM, My Charity

It is a privilege to support the life-changing work of ICM. Their programs make a positive and sustainable impact on the ultrapoor in the Philippines. I have spent time with beneficiaries of ICM's work—it was both humbling and inspiring to hear of their renewed hope for a better life for their families.
Catherine Husted
Head of Pro Bono and Community Investment at Allen & Overy, Hong Kong
ICM simply makes a difference—it touches the lives of the poorest of the poor; people who really need help just to survive. ICM has a passionate team, which does a wonderful job of reaching out to give that help. Our support for ICM has been a great opportunity for us to give back, to understand the challenges faced by these families in need but also to witness the smiles of grateful children.
Nicholas Norris
Kirkland & Ellis, Group General Counsel, CITIC Securities International

ICM Ambassadors

Hong Kong Ambassadors

Greg Anderson

Nick & Terri Appel

Michael & Entela Benz

Stephen & Pam Birkett

Michael & Anne Sawyer Birley

Augie Cheh & Maya Furumoto

Tim & Carrie Chen

Mario & Christine Damo

Colin Farrell

Lyn & Teresa Fox

Marc & Nadia Geary

Ronna Chao

Dennis & Guangjie Hopton

Nicholas & Weng-Yee Kee

Daphne Kuok

Hubert Lem

David & Jeannie Liao

Tess Lyons

Julian & Pauline Marland

Ramon & Vicki Maronilla

Nick & Jaclyn Norris

Michael & Patricia Openshaw

Carmen Schiffmann

Mike & Ting Small

Homer Sun & Min-yee Teh

Judy Vas

Laetitia Yu

Sydney Ambassadors

Keith & Coralie Crews

Rae Doak

LiLi & Russell Fisher

Nick Foord

Don & Louise Hayman

Andrew & Nicole McPherson

Daniel & Ruth Spiritosanto

Verity Thomson

Kara Wood

Manila Ambassadors

Bong & Maribel Consing

Aissa Montecillo

Joel & Stella Schapero

Noel & Marilyn Tan

United States Ambassadors

Jamie & Kristine Duininck

Bruce & Karen Haldors

James & Suzanne Jesse

Trey Kasling

Bill & Shannon Ng

Crystal Stull

United Kingdom Ambassadors

Charles Mathias

Grayden Reece-Smith

Bridget Salmon

Julie Turner

Get Involved

Be an Ambassador

Around the world, ICM ambassadors advocate for ICM in their workplaces, churches and friendship groups.

Creative Fundraising

Donate your birthday gifts, host a dinner, climb a mountain… there are so many ways to get involved and every dollar makes a difference!


People from all over the globe make life-changing trips to visit our work in the Philippines. Safe, fun and hands-on for families, corporate CSR groups, friends and church groups.


If you’re in Hong Kong or the Philippines we have great opportunities for volunteers in our offices. But wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you and get you involved.


We are recruiting in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Our highly-skilled staff are passionate about seeing kids released from the bondages of poverty.

Pray With Us

Join us in praying for our staff, partner pastors and participants. We are thankful for regular prayers from our global prayer partners.