Deskguide for Barangay Health Workers during COVID-19

The course is designed specifically to train barangay healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, their role in home quarantine, how to advise and provide mental health support to suspected COVID-19 patients and their household members, how to ensure proper protection while visiting the community and the importance of vaccines.

The training is also intended for other community health workers, administrative, maintenance, security and management staff in barangay health settings.


Language: Tagalog

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Available for offline group training

Barangay health centres who would like to conduct the training offline may register to download the training content to ensure staff with limited or no internet access can attend.

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Course Information

Learning Objectives

  • Define  key  messages  about  COVID-19  and  clinical features  of  COVID-19
  • Describe  the  home  quarantine  process  and  the  role  of the  Barangay  Health  Worker 
  • Provide ways to best advise and mentally support people suspected of COVID-19 and their family or household members. 
  • Describe  mental  health  strategies  for  health  workers  to cope  with  COVID-19 
  • Describe  appropriate  protection  measures  for health  worker  community  visits

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Certificates: A certificate of completion will be made available for participants who can demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the learning objectives through a short assessment


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