The Next Million

In our 25th year we will graduate the one-millionth person from our core Transform program.

We also look forward to the next 25 years – our current plan is to transform the next million lives within five years! And we won’t stop while there are still children living in ultrapoverty. We are grateful to all of you who have committed to this fight with us.

Walk With Us

Sponsor an ICM trainer dedicated to transforming children’s lives every day.

Partner with us on the road to the next 25 years! We have 385 heroic staff, each with different roles but one goal: no child should live in poverty.

Walk With Us today by sponsoring a staff member, and sustaining ICM to reach the next generation.

Sponsor a trainer US$300/month


Transform lives with ICM

Thank you for Walking With Us!

Throughout this year, we will be celebrating with the ICM family across the globe, from our Annual Banquet in Hong Kong to intimate dinners in the USA, a dance competition in Manila and the first ICM Amazing Race!

We would love you to be part of celebrating 25 years, and reaching the next million.