International Care Ministries UK is a UK charity  and a grant making organisation. ICM UK has grant agreements with International Care Ministries to provide grants in line with both organisations’ missions.

Years of Focused, Effective, and Efficient Programs

ICM UK has been involved in the ICM’s mission of “transforming the future of the Ultra-poor.” Working closely with other ICM affiliated organisations and legal entities, we have been contributing to improving the lives of the many through the following:

Addressing the needs

For those living on less than £0.35 per day, every day is a struggle to meet even the most basic needs.

Pushing our work forward

The complex problems of ultra-poverty require an innovative, holistic solution.

Improving our research

Our world-class research team is a leading global voice on the measurement and evaluation of ultra-poverty intervention.

Getting more donors involved

Your involvement brings transformation.

The Trustees of International Care Ministries UK

David Sutherland

Bridget Salmon

Charles Mathias

Grayden Reese-Smith

David Jones

ICM UK works closely with other ICM entities, but is governed separately and therefore retains its independence. The trustees also receive regular updates and reports from the field. The projects supported by ICM UK have been and will continue to be subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation.

ICM’s Core

ICM UK observes the same values and principles as the other ICM affiliated organisations and legal entities, may it be professional or humanitarian. Read more about ICM’s values, governance, financials, media reports, partners, and history here.

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