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Rising from the Ashes – Cristine and Raffy

When a fire destroyed Cristine’s flimsy house late last year, she was grateful that no one in her family was killed. While Christine, her husband Raffy and their two children were unharmed, they were homeless. Before the fire, life was struggle for the Barbon family. Raffy worked as an occasional farm labourer and earned a...
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‘Soap Cycling’ Tippy Tap Kits

For most of us, washing our hands is an automatic response after using the bathroom or before sitting down to eat. We learned this from our parents and it was reinforced in our schools. But there are entire populations around the world who either don’t have access to soap and water or haven’t been taught...
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Tippy Tap: A Happy Day for Hygiene

Story by Tess Lyons, ICM Development Officer //  Video courtesy of Lynn Ketch, ICM Trip Participant  “Happy Birthday to You” is the most frequently sung song in the world, but not just because of the number of birthdays celebrated each day.  This is the song the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends singing for 20...
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