Persevering and Pursuing Hope, One Year Into COVID-19

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Provides one family of five with meals, vegetable seeds, and new business opportunities

Provides 1,000 food packs to children suffering from hunger

Invests in the new businesses of 30 entrepreneurs

Relaunches transformation for an entire community of 150 people

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COVID-19’s Devastating Impact on the Ultra-poor

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis is far from over for the poor. The lockdown in the Philippines sent shockwaves through already vulnerable ultra-poor communities:

Rebuilding Hope

But throughout this challenging year, we have heard a resounding cry of hope from ICM staff and participants alike: “Mag-padayon,” which in many Filipino languages means “Lets keep going!”

And that is what we are doing. With your support, we will keep bringing hope and help to families in ultra-poverty as they endure and rebuild from the pandemic.

ICM has a network of thousands of savings groups, who have graduated from Transform. While hundreds of communities have remained actively engaged, many are struggling during this crisis, and others are no longer actively meeting.

In 2020-21, ICM is launching Renew and Refresh programs, to re-engage our alumni and reinvigorate savings, small businesses, organic gardens, and health practices.

Thanks to your generosity, ICM has delivered help, hope, and change on a massive scale:

5.3 million people received help from ICM during COVID-19!
1.2 million bars of soap distributed!
14 million meals given away to feed hungry families!
309 million vegetable seeds distributed for sustainable gardening!

Keeping Everyone Safe!

Each Philippine province has its own lockdown restrictions. Our reigional leaders are working in close contact with local officials to ensure that all ICM programs meet or exceed safety guidelines.

  • ICM field staff are regularly tested for COVID-19
  • Refresh and Renew programs receive clearance from provincial, municipal, and government officials
  • All participants must wear a face mask, have temperature checks, and use hand sanitizer before and after the programs
  • Group meetings are limited as per localized guidelines
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