A Lasting Legacy

Regional sponsorships give you the opportunity to build a lasting legacy of transformation in one geographic area. Whether it’s a dense city or a remote mountain region, your investment will build economic growth among the ultrapoor, foster community relationships, deepen health services access, and bring hope to hundreds of families.

Regional projects start from US$25,000 per year.

Reports worthy of the board room

Our donors’ investments are both close to their heart, and worthwhile in their mind. Alongside personal stories from your region, as one of our valued regional sponsors, we can provide you with in-depth operational reports which reflect closely monitored impact assessments.

We encourage you to visit your region year after year to build lasting links with the staff and communities that you are transforming.

Your passion. Your Legacy.

Many of our regional sponsors have areas that are close to their hearts, and we work with you to direct your funding to what you are passionate about. From medical care to capacity building, from early education to technology integration, regional sponsors bring transformation in holistic ways.

These are some of the ways that recent regional sponsorship has changed communities.


Upgraded ICM’s data collection system to a paperless workflow, saving ICM $20,000 and 3,700 hours per year


Impacted 40 communities, reaching 7,400 men, women and children across the island of Bohol


Provided surgeries, complete medical treatment and social care for nine children with clubfoot, cleft palate or hernia


Transformed 1,850 lives in mountain regions of Mindanao


Provided capacity building and leadership training for local Filipino leaders


Delivered 1.35 million meals to communities across the Philippines

Be a part of extraordinary change

When you sponsor a region, ICM commits to investing your money to have lasting impact, coupling our commitment to detailed metrics and transparent finances with our holistic, proven model.

Contact us today to find a project that inspires you.

Transform lives with ICM

Get Involved


If you’re in Hong Kong or the Philippines we have great opportunities for volunteers in our offices. But wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you and get you involved.


People from all over the globe make life-changing trips to visit our work in the Philippines. Safe, fun and hands-on for families, corporate CSR groups, friends and church groups.

Be an Ambassador

Around the world, ICM ambassadors advocate for ICM in their workplaces, churches and friendship groups.