In many of the ultra-poor communities ICM serves, children and families suffer from a lack of medical care, limiting them on their journey out of ultra-poverty. Though many have treatable conditions, the ultra-poor simply lack the resources and knowledge to get help.

ICM’s Medical Mercy Program (MMP) helps patients access the life-changing surgeries and treatment they need. Across the Philippines, we connect people from the most remote villages to high-quality medical care. Taking a holistic approach, we walk alongside patients through all aspects of treatment, from screening and diagnosis, to surgeries and follow-up. Through the MMP, ICM delivers new hope and unlocks opportunities that transform lives.

We currently have a list of over 200 people waiting to be treated. This chart shows the variety of conditions in our waitlist. A majority of them will require surgery and post-operation followup. 

This holiday season, our global offices are working together to achieve one goal: to clear the waitlist before 2020.