400,000 tubes of toothpaste donations from SWISS through The Amber Foundation

While these are common necessities to most, tubes of toothpaste can sometimes be scarce in households where the ultra-poor live. To help them develop healthy habits, part of ICM’s Transform program educates participants about proper hygiene.

Since 1992, ICM has been in the business of transforming lives from a physical, social, and spiritual standpoint. Indeed, we’re grateful to donors and partners who continue to support our work.

Most recently, our partner in Hong Kong, The Amber Foundation, introduced us to Swiss International Air Lines — the flag carrier of Switzerland operating in Europe and to four other continents. SWISS donated 400,000 tubes of toothpaste that we distributed to the ultra-poor.

tubes of toothpaste
Some of the recipients in Bacolod

Due to the reduced flights brought by the pandemic, SWISS had a surplus from their business class amenity kits. Instead of letting the stocks go to waste, they donated them to the communities we serve in the Philippines. Provinces like Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Dumaguete, Bohol, and General Santos City received 400,000 tubes of toothpaste from them!

ICM’s operations team worked closely with SWISS and The Amber Foundation to get the stocks flown all the way to the Philippines and distributed to the communities we serve. Soon enough, our volunteers planned the distribution when they received the boxes of toothpasate.

tubes of toothpaste
Distribution in Davao
tubes of toothpaste
Planning of distribution in Cebu
tubes of toothpaste
Packing in Bacolod

Proper waste management of toothpaste containers

Apart from teaching participants about proper hygiene, we ensure that they also know how to dispose of waste properly. We include waste management in the health and sanitation lessons taught in ICM’s Transform program. Our volunteers talk about how to segment waste, recycle certain things, and keep the areas around the home clean and safe. Through this, we can ensure that our recipients will dispose their empty tubes of toothpaste properly and responsibly.

tubes of toothpaste
One of the recipients in Iloilo
tubes of toothpaste
One of the recipients in Bacolod

Partner with us in reaching the ultra-poor! Visit caremin.com/get-involved or simply email us at info@caremin.com.

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