ICM Featured in Joint Learning Initiative’s ground-breaking Compendium of Good Practices

ICM’s research and data-gathering work during the pandemic is featured in the JLI MEAL (Joint Learning Initiative Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning) Hub’s ground-breaking Compendium of Good Practices, launched in January 2021.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning Compendium

The “Compendium of Good Practices on Conducting MEAL in Partnerships with International Actors and Local Faith Actors” bridges the knowledge gap on how international and local faith actors practice MEAL in a diverse range of development and humanitarian contexts. It seeks to help overcome some of the tensions that can occur in international-local faith partnerships due to conflicting aims, priorities, and capacities in the area of MEAL.

The Compendium is based on more than 30 interviews with representatives of secular and faith-based international organizations, local faith actors, and academics. ICM’s “Representative Long-term Community Phone Surveys” is one of the 10 stories of change that illustrates MEAL practices’ diversity.

The Compendium also includes alternative practices of MEAL beyond Western, secular, or Christian approaches. “By sharing a diversity of practices in the area of MEAL and faith in international-local partnerships, we hope the Compendium will contribute to the normalization of decolonized approaches in the sector,” said Dr. Jennifer Philippa Eggert, Senior Research Associate at JLI and author of the Compendium.

Download the complete Compendium here.

The Compendium was launched in an online panel event that brought together speakers and stories of MEAL from different faith traditions and from across the world. ICM was represented by one of ICM’s research associates Daryn Go. You can watch the launch below:


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