Vegetables for Everyone!

Few things give more hope in a season of great need than a thriving vegetable garden. As the pandemic drags on, ICM has committed to persevering, to not grow weary of doing good. To help communities have food security during the pandemic, ICM staff has been packing and distributing seeds so people can grow vegetable gardens. This way, families wouldn’t have to go far or worry if they could afford to have fresh vegetables. Padayon! 

ICM Staff in Koronadal repacking seeds for distribution

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to buy seeds in bulk. Our staff painstakingly repackage the seeds, spooning them into smaller packages for distribution. We are thankful for their servant hearts to do this repetitive task!

Here are some of the stories of how those seeds have made a difference:

Sharing his blessings

Pastor Avelino, one of our partner pastors, had posted on Facebook about the troubles they were experiencing in Davao. When an ICM staff member saw the post and he immediately sent Pastor Avelino a message so they could send him some food packs.

Pastor Avelino and his harvest

“I did not expect that there would also be seeds,” Pastor Avelino said. “I was so happy that I called the participants of our savings group and then gave them MannaPacks and the seeds.” He got to work planting and grew a big garden of fresh veggies!

More than enough
Pastor Pacifico’s thriving greens

Pastor Pacifico, like many of the people living in the communities, hasn’t had much income since the pandemic started. His new vegetable garden of green beans, okra, radishes, bok choy, and more ensured his family had food. While he also gave a lot of vegetables away to others who were struggling, he still enough to sell for added income. “I am thankful that I have this garden because vegetables are too expensive right now,” he said.

Utan for everyone!

Pastor Jed decided to use his seeds to create a community garden. He posted a sign that read “UTAN FOR EVERYONE” (vegetables for everyone). “For those who don’t have food to eat, they are free to pick vegetables in our community garden,” he explained.

Pastor Jed’s community garden.

Pastor Jed also gave seeds to former Transform participants. “All of our  participants were able to receive seeds, and since they had joined the ICM program before, they already knew how to take care of the plants.” They share their vegetables to ensure everyone can eat in between harvests.

Growing where they are planted
Dina and her daughter in their roadside garden

Dina was excited about starting a garden when she received the ICM seed packs. She had a moment of panic when she couldn’t find the seed packs. How could she have lost something so important? Her bewilderment turned to laugher when her mother confessed that she had already planted them. She was even more excited than Dina! Their little roadside vegetable garden did very well. Dina had enough for her family to eat as well as to give away to her siblings and neighbors. “I want to say thank you so much to all of the ICM donors for giving us this kind of help. God bless all of you!”

We would like to echo Dina’s thanks. Thank you for persevering with us to bring more seeds (and food and health information!) to other communities in need. Padayon!

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