Her Savings Group Helped Her Build a House after it was destroyed by a Tornado


We often say that a savings group can act as a safety net for when its ultra-poor members are facing emergencies. Janice in Dipolog lived this out when she and her family found themselves living in a pigpen.

When Janice first joined Transform in 2017, she wasn’t so sure about the livelihood lessons. Wives are supposed to just focus on taking care of the family? But she slowly changed her mind when the trainer taught them businesses that could be run from home. 


Success and challenges

She started a snack business and joined the Seaside Savings Group to save a portion of her new income. Her first loan was for more capital to expand her snack business, and her second loan was to buy feed for the pig she was raising. With the help of those loans, she was able to make her businesses successful, almost doubling the family income.

Using a loan from her savings group, Janice was able to buy pigs

In 2018, a tornado uprooted a mango tree and flung the giant tree right onto Janice’s house, completely destroying it. The family had to live in their pigpen for two weeks. 

The Seaside Savers savings group helped Janice rebuild her home


Savings Group to the Rescue!

The Seaside Savers jumped into action, pooling their money to donate to the family. “Because of what happened, I came to realize that I have a second family who truly cares for me,” Janice said. Janice also took out another loan from the savings group to build a beautiful new house. Her children have a home again, and Janice is back in business!

The savings group was there so Janice didn’t need to spiral into debt and was able to bounce back again quickly. More importantly, it has helped her gain a new mindset and can-do attitude. 

Reflecting on how she has changed over the years, she told us, “I went from having little hope in life to being a very hopeful person, from being dependent to being the most independent, strong woman that I can be.”


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