HSBC partners with ICM for sustainable future growth

HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, supports sustainable future growth by helping people access education and training to acquire the skills they need to succeed. Through their long-term partnership with ICM, they have helped hundreds of people graduate from the Transform program.

Through the years, ICM has been able to grow and reach more communities through the faithful partnership of our individual and corporate donors. Because of their generosity, the futures of people living in ultra-poverty have been transformed.

HSBC’s partnership with ICM began with Project Ark in 2014, where HSBC associates helped assemble food packs to promote disaster readiness and response for disaster-affected and disaster-prone communities. Since then, HSBC has been supporting ICM’s Transform communities in the provinces of Capiz and Aklan.

 sustainable future growth with HSBC
HSBC employees volunteered their time to assemble food packs for ICM’s communities for Project Ark.


A thriving future and sustainable growth for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the great need for people to have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the global economy. HSBC is committed to working with its partners to ensure a thriving future with sustainable growth for all. It supports charitable programs like ICM that help people in the ultra-poor communities develop the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow, including entrepreneurship skills training. 

 sustainable future growth with HSBC


ICM’s rapid and targeted response is only possible because of decades of innovation around efficient, effective, and scalable charity operations. Over the last decade, ICM’s Transform training program has graduated 1.4 million ultra-poor Filipinos with livelihood skills, health training, values formation, and savings groups. Before the virus took hold, ICM reported that its four-month Transform program improved ultra-poor household income by 146%, reduced serious illness by 29%, and decreased chronic hunger by 19%.



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