Month: February 2019

Transform Couples Tie the Knot

Transform equips participants to build stronger relationships, which for some, translate into stronger marriages. In a dumpsite in Iloilo, love was in the air. Nineteen brides, sixteen of whom were Transform participants, were given the opportunity to finally walk the aisle, making their unions official in a mass wedding ceremony put on by ICM. These...
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“Best Pig, Ever!”

In this new year of the pig, there’s one pig you do not want to miss out on! Lechón is a Spanish term for a roasted suckling pig cooked over a pit of charcoal. The pig is usually cooked whole, with all of its parts still intact. The belly is slit to remove its internal...
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Thank you for #TheGiftofOpportunities

This past Christmas, ICM set an ambitious goal to change the lives of 12 patients that were enrolled in our Medical Mercy Program. All of these patients were children awaiting life-changing surgeries that would correct their club foot condition. This condition limited the opportunities that were available to these children as it hindered their movement...
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