Leaving Limitations Behind

Living with a disability can bring unique struggles. Hobbies, social life, and job prospects can all be affected. But in a barangay in Cadiz City, a Transform group has been formed mostly by persons with disabilities (PWDs) from eight different barangays. This determined group of participants took health, values and livelihood lessons, hoping to improve their lives in every area. Volunteer trainer Al James Madrid declared, “This is God’s way of bringing them together—to transform and empower them!“

Despite their physical limitations, they have taken steps to practice the lessons—especially in regards to livelihood. They have formed their own savings groups, with an initial group savings of PHP4,000 (US$74)! They aim to make good of their group, as their success could be used as template for building and forming similar Transform Groups, empowering many others who are also living with disabilities.


Written by Daniel Mercurio

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