Hygiene Heroes Corporate Challenge

For the past few years, Soapcycling has been partnering with ICM by providing soap for our programs. Established in 2011, Soapcycling’s main goal is to encourage students in the University of Hong Kong to achieve a quality internship experience while recycling used soap for people in need. Soaps are collected from more than 100 partner hotels in Asia and then cleaned, repackaged and distributed through partner NGOs such as ICM.

This year, we have teamed up to host our first team-building event: the Hygiene Hero Corporate Challenge (HHCC). The event will take place in KK Leung Building in the University of Hong Kong on August 5, 2018. We are inviting out corporate partners to form a team of five and compete against other corporates in two exciting activities designed for personal and team development.

The first activity being the Ultrapoverty Challenge where teams are assigned family roles, work intensely under pressure to provide for their family and attempt to solve some of the issues faced by people in ultra-poverty. Following that activity is the Hygiene Station Challenge where teams are invited to partake in the process of recycling soap, from cleaning to sorting and eventually packaging the soap itself, this activity aims to improve team work while helping to reduce waste.

The goal of this event is for corporate personnel to have fun and make a difference as a team. Corporate personnel will learn more about Filipino families living in ultrapoverty and the limited hygiene access these families have. Ultimately, corporate personnel who join this event will be able to raise enough money for 370 families to receive ICM’s skill-training Transform Program, provide soap for 20,000 children for 1 year and save 10,000 kilogram of soap from the landfill.

Teams will be charged a registration fee of HK$20,000 per team, HK$2,000 per person and a minimum of HK$10,000 donated by the respective company. Companies interested in donating over the HK$10,000 will be offered a sponsorship package. Groups of coworkers without corporate sponsorship are still welcome to compete as private teams. The HK$20,000 registration fee will enable 20 families to enroll in ICM’s training program and supply 1,000 children with soap for one year.

What are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to be a Hygiene Hero? Come join in the fun and make difference. Simply gather a team of five people, come up with a catchy team name and follow the link to register.


For more information, please contact us at HygieneHeroes@soapcycling.org or info@caremin.com. We hope to see you there!

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