A Mature Approach

Rosalina peeks out of her sari-sari store window

Life for elderly couple, Rosalina and her husband was tough with a weekly income of just US$15 (PHP700) from selling goods in a small sari-sari store. Due to their physical health deteriorating, Rosalina and her husband, both aged 67, were unable to do jobs involving heavy lifting.

When Rosalina was invited to join ICM’s Transform program, she was optimistic and looking forward to the challenge. It was in the Livelihood sessions that Rosalina learned how to make snacks and cleaning products, immediately applying this new knowledge in both her business and at home. Learning to garden also proved fruitful, in particular producing organic fertiliser to sell in the local community.

During the Values classes, Rosalina realised that she needed to further develop her patience and understanding as well as control her temper. Now she is more approachable and kind to her neighbors and also argues less with her husband. Rosalina says, “It’s my pleasure to serve my family with great joy for as long as I can.”

After participating in Transform, there has never been a time when Rosalina’s family has had nothing to eat. Now she knows how to provide her grandson with the proper nutrition that he needs. Rosalina brings in an additional US$6.34 (PHP300) on a weekly basis and has been elected as the leader of her savings group. She hopes that her enthusiasm and determination will act as a role model to other members of the community, her friends and family. Furthermore, as a firm believer that age should not be a barrier to achieving one’s goals, she hopes to expand her sari-sari business and potentially open a bigger, community-run business with the support of the savings group.

“Transform helped me look beyond the negatives of life. I learned to become more loving, the light of my family,” said Rosalina.


Written by Sarah Page

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