Nutrition Month Tips

Genelyn started a container garden in her backyard.

Happy Nutrition Month! During the month of March, dieticians and health workers all over the world are gearing up to focus on the importance of proper nutrition in living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating is an important aspect of ICM’s Health curriculum, which emphasizes good nutrition. Irene, a participant in Palawan shared, “Now I cook vegetables and fish. Before I only served hot dogs and noodles. But I have learned to give proper, nutritious food to my children. Now I avoid giving them junk food.”

The Health lessons encourage eating a variety of foods, getting plenty of vegetables and fruit, and limiting fatty, sugary food. Even if you know the importance of healthy food, it can still be hard to change your eating habits. Here are some suggestions for slipping more nutrition into your diet!

  • Grow your own vegetables or fruit. Get your kids involved too! They will likely want to eat food they have grown themselves. *Spoiler alert* We will post more about this topic later this month.
  • Serve vegetable rice. Finely chop vegetables and mix them into your rice for extra nutrition.
  • Flavor your vegetables. Spice up your vegetables by adding garlic, herbs, or sauces.
  • Try new recipes. Ask your friends and family (or the internet!) for fun new vegetable recipes to try.
  • Choose fruit. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead of soda or candy.

Becoming a healthy eater doesn’t happen overnight. Over time though, small steps add up to improve health for you and your whole family.

What about you? Do you have any suggestions for improving your diet? Are you doing anything special to celebrate Nutrition Month? Leave a comment and let us know!

This isn’t just a beautiful plant! Malabar spinach is delicious and healthy.

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